post-title Our Politicians, 800 Sylvan and Their Plan To Transfer Your Wealth

Our Politicians, 800 Sylvan and Their Plan To Transfer Your Wealth

Our Politicians, 800 Sylvan and Their Plan To Transfer Your Wealth

Our Politicians, 800 Sylvan and Their Plan To Transfer Your Wealth

This Is Not About Your Party.  It’s About Your Home.  The Looters Are At Your Door.

Englewood Cliffs is in jeopardy.  The town that you know is in grave danger of being subjected to a massive transfer of wealth. This is not about affordable housing.  It is about a developer and its business associates using a well intended “Affordable Housing” law to be used in a destructive manner so they may profit.  All while leaving the unsuspecting resident with the burden of dealing with the consequences of  rezoning  800 Sylvan to residential.  This event will undoubtedly set off a continuous cycle that will massively increase both population and taxes, while simultaneously lowering property values. What do you think will happen if Normandy builds 800+ homes? Instant population increase of 40 to 60%. Rezoning 800 Sylvan to residential sets precedent for ALL 9W and in a few short years, our fully developed small town will transform to resemble Fort Lee.

The cause of our current state is of great debate among our politicians.  Unfortunately for the residents, our politicians cannot be held accountable under perjury when they speak publicly, therefore, they are free to tell us anything that fulfills self preservation. However, our politicians have made a critical error in judgment. While using antiquated methods of doing business, our local government fails to understand that this small town of highly educated residents exists in a digital world – empowering a strong voice with a network that eclipses that of our politicians.

In the following content, we lay out the facts using Official Public Documents and afford the reader the opportunity to apply reason and common sense to make their own decision.  This article has not been influenced by any Party, or Entity (public or private) and we challenge our politicians to prove otherwise.

Timeline of Events – Connecting the Dots

May 2017; 800 Sylvan files a commercial application to subdivide to two commercial lots comprised of 20 acres and 8 acres. 
Common Sense: What is the subdivision’s purpose?

June 20, 2017;  Normandy’s Attorney, submits an OPRA (Open Public Records Act) request for ANY and ALL records regarding the Borough’s affordable housing obligations (Exhibit A).
Common Sense: Why would Normandy request information regarding the town’s residential affordable housing obligation if they only intended a commercial subdivision? 

Oct 12, 2017; After multiple Planning Board hearings, the DECISION to sub-divide 800 Sylvan was DENIED.
Common Sense:  It matters not whether the Planning Board’s decision to deny the application was by design or accident.
Put yourself in Normandy’s position.  If you could make far more profit from residential units, which would you choose?

December 7, 2017; In a confidential meeting that was recorded by a borough representative and filed with the court, Normandy’s COO, Georgios Vlamis  stated Normandy was “always thinking about using the property for mixed use” (Exhibit B).  The OPRA request filed by Normandy’s attorney (Exhibit A) supports Vlamis’ thought process.
Common Sense:  Do you believe Normandy would invest in a project of  800 Sylvan’s magnitude without having performed a detailed market analysis?

October 22, 2018; Court approves expenditure of Borough’s trust funds for the purchase of 476 Hudson Terrace for construction of 100% affordable housing project.  The Borough acted in good faith and purchased this property. (Exhibit C).
Common Sense:  Do you believe the Court, in good faith, would approve the spending of tax dollars unless it trusted the Borough would follow through with construction on Hudson Terrace?

November 6, 2018; Democratic Council Members Deborah Tsabari and Jimmy Song win the election after campaigning to oppose the rezoning of 800 Sylvan to residential.

December 10, 2018; The Borough submits a plan for affordable housing to the Court as directed by its Counsel and commits to building 57 units on Hudson Terrace which would satisfy a 77-unit obligation WITH NO affordable housing at 800 Sylvan Avenue included in the Plan.

January 3, 2019; Democratic Council Members Edward Aversa, Gloria Oh,  Ellen Park, Deborah Tsabari, and Jimmy Song take complete control of the Borough Council by a 5 to 1 margin.

January 4, 2019;  Borough Attorney contacts Normandy to request a meeting with the councilpersons.
Common Sense:  Why would the Borough Attorney request a meeting if the town is in litigation?

January 7, 2019; Planning Board officially adopts the Affordable Housing Plan on Hudson Terrace and endorsed by the Borough Council.

January 24, 2019; The council publicly voted in a UNANIMOUS decision of 6-0 to pass a resolution approving its  December 10th  plan to build affordable housing on Hudson Terrace.

January 29, 2019; According to court documents filed by Normandy under penalty of perjury, the Democratic Majority Council Members held a secret meeting with Normandy to begin settlement agreements to re-zone 800 Sylvan to residential without the public or the Mayor’s knowledge.  Furthermore, the Democratic Council conveys there is a “new sheriff in town” and secretly planned to vote in favor of rezoning 800 Sylvan to residential “despite any public opposition” (Exhibit D).
Common Sense: Do you think this was an obvious, yet well orchestrated plan to fool the public solely for nefarious reasons? Do you believe this is a red flag?

April 30, 2019; Email (Exhibit E) from Borough Attorney proves Democratic Council Members entered a SECRET MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with 800 Sylvan to settle and have the property rezoned to residential without informing the public or the Mayor.  Email proves that the Democratic Council intentionally planned to hold one meeting so they could simultaneously introduce and vote to pass the ordinance in a coordinated effort to circumvent the public from asking questions.
Common Sense: Who do you believe ordered the signing of the MOU to settle without the publics or the Mayors knowledge?  Has anyone asked Ed Aversa, Gloria Oh, Ellen Park, Deborah Tsabari or Jimmy Song?

July 10, 2019; During a special meeting, a Straw poll was held with a 300 to 1 vote opposing the rezoning of 800 Sylvan to residential.

July 19, 2019; Residents filed petitions to recall Aversa’s and Oh’s council seats.

July 29, 2019; After recall petitions were filed,  the Council calls a special meeting to calm the public and files a resolution to litigate Normandy, all while simultaneously having a SECRET MOU to settle. At the meeting, 800 Sylvan’s lawyers were fully prepared with recording devices and court reporters to carefully document our councilpersons.
Common Sense:  Do you think our elected officials would have called a special meeting if the residents never filed petitions to recall them?  Do you think our elected officials were as prepared as 800 Sylvan’s lawyers? It was the recall petitions that signaled to Normandy that our elected officials lost control. 

August 27, 2019;  Court strips the Borough of immunity from Builder’s Remedy lawsuits because the Governing Democratic Majority acted in bad faith.  Flip flopping three times in 8 months. As per the Judge, “The court finds this to be an abuse of the process”. (Exhibit F).
Common Sense:  Do you think our elected officials controlled by the Democratic Council were prepared for the Judge’s consequences if their secret plan to settle with Normandy had been discovered by the public?  Do you think our local government failed us miserably?

Our Council will tell you that they are now working for the people because of the resolution to litigate Normandy that was agreed to on July 29, 2019.  THAT IS A SMOKE SCREEN.  Do you know why?  Taking on Normandy is a monumental task that requires a team effort working in unison.  Our council is the exact opposite of that.  Have you ever been to a council meeting to witness their appalling behavior? This mirage is further perpetuated because out of 6 Council Members, there are 3 people that sit on the “Affordable Housing” committee which direct the Borough attorneys’ dealings with Normandy.  This committee (Ed Aversa, Deborah Tsabari and Ellen Park) is the same three people that tried to secretly settle with Normandy!  That is preposterous.  Do you believe they have our best interests in mind?

This committee is doing the bare minimum and stonewalling the Mayor. Do you think Mayor should have access to all documents? Do you know why the Mayor is being stonewalled? Because losing the fight with Normandy produces the same result as settling.   How do you ask?  By losing the lawsuit, 800 Sylvan will get rezoned to residential. Rezoning 800 Sylvan to residential sets precedent for ALL 9W and in a few short years, our small town will transform to resemble Fort Lee.  Making all the developers and the controlling parties rich, while the unsuspected resident is left carrying all the risk. This event will undoubtedly set off a continuous cycle that will massively increase both population and taxes, while simultaneously lowering property values.


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